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Test Code ALC Alcohol (ETOH)

Important Note

Specimen must be sent in original tube and remain unopened until analysis.

Test cannot be added on to specimen in lab.

Additional Codes

Epic: LAB46

Specimen Required

Patient Preparation:
Collection Container/Tube

Preferred: Serum gel
Acceptable: Plasma Lithium Heparin
Specimen Volume: 3.0 mL
Collection Instructions

  1. Do not use alcohol wipes or other antiseptics containing alcohol compounds to clean the venipuncture site.
  2. Specimen must be sent in original tube and remain unopened.
  3. Centrifuge after clot formation and within 4 hours of collection.


Specimen Minimum Volume

0.10 mL

Specimen Stability

Room temperature: 2 weeks
Refrigerated: 6 months
Frozen: 6 months

Reference Range

None detected (<10 mg/dL)

Rejection Due To

Unlabeled, mislabeled, wrong tube type, QNS, exposure to air.

Report Available

Same day

Method Name

Alcohol dehydrogenase.


Do not use alcohol as a disinfectant when collecting or storing blood specimens.


Centrifuge highly turbid samples prior to analysis.


Increased levels of lactic acid and LDH in perimortem samples may cause elevated ethanol levels.


Ethanol is volatile.  Specimens must be tightly capped to avoid evaporation.


Alcohol determination is used for Medical Purposes Only.


Ethyl Alcohol
ETOH (Ethanol)

Lab Processing Instructions (Lab Use Only)

  1. Receive sample in Soft, Phlebotomy>Receiving.
  2. Sample must remain unopened and cannot be shared.
  3. Hand deliver the sample to the testing department and give to a tech.

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