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Test Code CXMDR MDR Surveillance Culture

Additional Codes

Epic: LAB12704

Specimen Required

ESwab with Liquid Amies Medium


Specimen Minimum Volume

Rectal swab

Clinical Significance

A positive result indicates colonization with the MDR organism specified in the order comments. A positive result does not indicate that these organisms are causing an infection or that treatment for an infection needs to occur. Antibiotic susceptibility testing results will not be reported.

Specimen Stability Information

Must be received within 48hrs of collection

Specimen Instructions

Insert culture swab ~ 1 inch into rectum and gently rotate. When ordering the test, write the name of the organism of interest in the culture comments.




Surveillance culture for Multi-Drug Resistant Gram negative bacteria to comply with Inova infection control policies. Submitter must indicate which MDR organism is being ruled out. Antibiotic susceptibility results will not be reported.



Clinical Reference

Negative for MDR Gram negative bacteria

Method Description

Aerobic bacterial culture and antibiotic susceptibility testing

Analytic Time

4-5 days

Reject Due To

Dry swab received , stool submitted, improperly labeled specimen, insufficient volume, specimen not submitted in appropriate transport container, frozen specimen


This order is for rule out of a specific organism. The ordering physician must write the name of the organism of interest in the order comments.