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Test Code CXURN Urine Culture

Specimen Required

Grey Top Urine Transport Container

•Sterile Container (only acceptable if the minimum fill on the Grey Top tube cannot be reached)

Specimen Minimum Volume

Fill line on grey top urine transport container

Report Available

Initial report available at one day after receipt in the laboratory, final report depends on the extent of organism workup

Clinical Significance

Isolation of a pathogen may indicate an infectious cause of symptoms. Three or more species of bacteria isolated in a urine specimen usually indicates skin or fecal contamination at the time of collection and the laboratory report will suggest recollection.

Specimen Stability Information

• Grey Top Must be received within 48hrs of collection •Refrigerated urine in sterile container must be received within 24 hours of collection

Specimen Instructions

Clean Catch: Clean genitals with towelette, collect midstream urine Indwelling Catheter: Collect from sampling port of a newly inserted device In and Out Catheter: Clean area, using sterile technique, collect and discard an initial 15-30 ml of urine. Collect a sample from the mid- or later flow of urine into a sterile container 1) Collect urine into sterile collection container and then transfer urine to a Grey Top urine transport tube
For BD VACUTAINER URINE COMPLETE CUP KIT (follow product insert)
a. Collect urine into the blue capped cup.
b. To transfer specimen, place cup on a clean, flat surface.
c. Peel back label on cap to expose the integrated transfer device.
d. Place evacuated tube into cavity on cap, stopper down. Advance the tube over the puncture point to pierce stopper.
e. Hold tube in position until filled.
f. Remove tube from integrated transfer device.
g. Mix 8-10 times by inversion.
2) Apply patient identification label.
3) Submit Grey Top tube to the laboratory




Aerobic culture of urine specimens for detection of bacteria and yeast



Clinical Reference

Negative for Pathogens

Method Description

Quantitative (reported in CFU/ml) aerobic bacterial and yeast culture

Reject Due To

Urine must be refrigerated or placed in a Urine Transport Media tube within 30 minutes of collection, urine collected from catheter bags is unacceptable. Urine in sterile container received at room temperature is unacceptable.