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Test Code FBCB Genetics, Fibroblast Biopsy

Specimen Required

2×3mm fresh tissue submitted in culture transport medium

Specimen Stability

Room temperature: See Instructions
Refrigerated: See Instructions
Frozen: See Instructions

Method Name

Tissue Culture


If cells from the submitted specimen do not attach and proliferate in culture, the test may be changed to a: Tissue Culture Only or No Growth in Culture; or if results are not possible, the test order may be canceled and replaced by a Cytogenetics Communication.

Collection Container / Tube

Preferred: Sterile Container with culture transport media
Other Acceptable Container: Sterile Container w/Hanks ringer solution or culture medium with antibiotics.

Transport / Storage Conditions

Refrigerated (cold packs)

Special Instructions

Please provide clinical history and any other laboratory-specific information required by the testing laboratory.

Specimen requirements: Tissue sample 2×3mm. Sterile container in Hanks’, or Ringer’s solution or culture medium with antibiotics, Refrigerate (do not freeze) specimen until pickup. Ship refrigerated.

Specimen viability decreases during transit. Send specimen to testing laboratory for viability determination. Do not freeze. Do not reject.

This test is ordered for a tissue biopsy from which primary monolayer cultures are required for further testing. These primary cultures are expanded and monolayer cultures are sent to a designated laboratory for testing.

Reference Values

See Laboratory Report

Day(s) Performed

Set up: Mon-Sat; Report available: 35 days

CPT Codes