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Test Code FDSAC Disaccharidase Analysis

Reporting Name

Disaccharidase Analysis

Performing Laboratory

Joli Diagnostics, Inc.

Specimen Type


Specimen Required

Send 5 mg from an intestinal biopsy in a clean, screw-topped plastic vial. Freeze immediately after collection and ship frozen.


Note: Specimen should not be placed on gauze, filter paper, nor should any saline, support or embedding material be added.

Specimen Minimum Volume

5 mg wet weight

Specimen Stability Information

Specimen Type Temperature Time Special Container
Tissue Frozen

Reference Values

Lactase:     Range  24.5 ± 8.0

                      Abnormal  <15.0


Units = uM/min/gram protein


Sucrase:      Range 54.4 ± 25.4

                       Abnormal  <25.0


Units = uM/min/gram protein


Maltase:      Range 160.8 ± 62.8

                       Abnormal  <100.0


Units = uM/min/gram protein


Palatinase:   Range 11.1 ± 6.5

                          Abnormal  <5.0


Units = uM/min/gram protein


Day(s) and Time(s) Performed

Tuesday through Friday

CPT Code Information


LOINC Code Information

Test ID Test Order Name Order LOINC Value
FDSAC Disaccharidase Analysis 57765-0


Result ID Test Result Name Result LOINC Value
Z0946 Lactase: 81315-4
Z1849 Sucrase 30372-7
Z1850 Maltase 81322-0
Z1851 Palatinase 81314-7
Z1852 Interpretation 57779-1

Analytic Time

1 day

Reject Due To

Hemolysis NA
Lipemia NA
Icterus NA
Other NA

Method Name


Secondary ID