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Test Code FISHT FISH, ALLTEL/AML1, Translocation 12,21

Specimen Required

5 mL whole blood collected in a sodium heparin (green-top) tube, 3 mL bone marrow collected in a sodium heparin (green-top) tube

Specimen Minimum Volume

1 mL

Specimen Stability

Room temperature: See instructions Refrigerated: See instructins Frozen: See instructions

Method Name

Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH)


If results are not possible from the submitted specimen, the test order will be canceled and replaced with a Cytogenetics Communication.

Collection Container / Tube

Preferred: sodium heparin (green top) tube
Other Acceptable Container: Sodium heparin (royal blue-top) tube, or sodium heparin lead-free (tan-top) tube

Transport / Storage Conditions

Room temperature

Special Instructions

Clinical history and reason for referral are required with test order. Prior therapy/transplant information should be submitted with test order.
Specimen Requirements: Bone marrow 1-3 mL, or whole blood 3-5 mL collected in a sodium heparin tube.

Specimen viability decreases during transit. Send specimen to testing laboratory for viability determination. Do not freeze. Do not reject.

Reference Values

See Laboratory Report

Day(s) Performed

Set up: Daily; Report available: 5 days

CPT Codes

88271 (x2), 88275

Clinical Reference

This FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) procedure is used to detect the TEL/AML1 gene fusion resulting from a cytogenetically undetectable t(12;21)(p13;q22) translocation which is common in pediatric pre B-ALL. This test is useful for the evaluation of suboptimal specimens, cases with a normal karyotype, or when an abnormal karyotype lacking a specific/prognostically defined abnormality or demonstrating deletion 12p is found.