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Test Code GENTP Gentamicin, Peak

Additional Codes

Epic: LAB28

Specimen Required

Specimen Type: Serum

Collection Container/Type

Preferred: Serum gel

Acceptable: Red top

Submission Container/Tube: Plastic vial

Specimen Volume: 3 mL

Collection Instructions: 

  1. Specimens should be drawn 30 minutes after a 30-minute IV infusion.
  2. Centrifuge and separate cells after clot formation and within 4 hours of collection. 

Additional Information:  Provide date and time of last dose.

Specimen Minimum Volume

0.2 mL

Specimen Stability

Room temperature: 24 hours

Refrigerated: 7 days

Frozen: >7 days

Reference Range

Theraputic values:

4.0 - 12.0 μg/mL

Rejection Due To

Unlabeled, mislabeled, wrong tube type, QNS, severely (grossly) hemolyzed samples, and any sample from which the lipid layer has not been removed.

Report Available

Same day

Clinical Significance

Gentamicin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic which exhibits high potency and a broad spectrum bacterial action against both gram-negative and gram-positive organisms.  It exhibits a narrow therapeutic index which makes its use hazardous, especially in patients with impaired renal function.  In addition, the dose-serum level profile curve of gentamicin is unpredictable, both in terms of peak-serum levels and elimination half-life from plasma.  Gentamicin is used in the treatment of serious infections involving aminoglycoside-sensitive organisms.  Monitoring gentamicin concentration in serum or plasma, along with careful clinical assessment, is the most effective means of ensuring adequate therapy.

Method Name

Chemiluminescent Microparticle Immunoassay (CMIA) 



Day(s) Performed