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Test Code HGASM Hemoglobin S Post Transfusion Assessment

Additional Codes

Epic: LAB3154

Quest: 135251

Specimen Required

Specimen Type: Whole Blood EDTA

Collection Container/Type: Lavender top (EDTA)

Submission Container/Tube: Lavender top (EDTA)

Specimen Volume: 5 mL

Additional Information: Please provide the patient's phenotype when requesting this test code. Testing will include Hemoglobinopathy Screen and confirmation by HPLC. No pathologist or technical interpretation will accompany the report.

Specimen Minimum Volume

1 mL

Specimen Stability

Room temperature: 72 hours
Refrigerated: 7 days
Frozen: Unacceptable

Reference Range

See Laboratory Report

Rejection Due To

Hemolysis • Clotted

Day(s) and Time(s) Performed


Report Available

1-3 days

Method Name

Electronic Sizing and Counting/Cytometry • Capillary Electrophoresis followed by, if necessary, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Solubility

CPT Code(s)


Performing Laboratory

Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute
14225 Newbrook Drive
Chantilly, VA 20153


Test Components:
511 Hemoglobin A2, Quantitative
513 Fetal Hemoglobin
825 Sickle Cell Screen


This profile is to be used for monitoring the effects of transfusion/exchange transfusion and hemoglobin F levels post hydroxyurea treatment in patients with known sickle cell anemia or sickle cell disease. The report will include the percentage of Hemoglobin S (HbS), and Hemoglobin C (HbC), if the patient is SC.