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Test Code HGBFP Hemoglobin, Free, Plasma

Specimen Required

2 mL serum

Specimen Minimum Volume

0.2 mL

Specimen Stability

Room temperature: 7 days : Refrigerated: 7 days : Frozen: Unacceptable

Day(s) and Time(s) Performed

Set up: Tues-Sat p.m; Report available: Next day

Method Name

Colorimetry ©

Collection Container / Tube

Preferred: Lithium Heparin (green-top)
Other Acceptable Container: None

Transport Container

Plastic screw-cap vial

Transport / Storage Conditions

Room temperature

Special Instructions

Centrifuge plasma within 1 hour of collection. Transfer the plasma to a sterile, plastic, screw-cap vial.

Reference Values

<8.4 mg/dL

CPT Codes


Clinical Reference

The presence of free hemoglobin in plasma is an indication of intravascular hemolysis resulting from numerousconditions, among which include Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH), Sickle-Cell Disease (SCD), Thalassemias, Hereditary Spherocytosis, Microangiopathic Hemolytic Anemias, Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency, ABO Mismatch Transfusion Reaction, Cardiopulmonary Bypass or Mechanical Heart Valve-induced Anemia.
Reference: JAMA. 2005;293(13):1653-1662