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Test Code RETIN Retinol Binding Protein

Additional Codes

Epic: LAB2406

Quest: 791

Specimen Required

Patient Preparation: Fasting for at least 12 hours is required

Specimen Type: Serum

Collection Container/Type

Preferred: Serum gel

Acceptable: Red top

Submission Container/Tube: Plastic vial

Specimen Volume: 2 mL

Specimen Minimum Volume

0.5 mL

Specimen Stability

Room temperature: 24 hours
Refrigerated: 20 days
Frozen: 180 days

Clinical Significance

RBP may be elevated in patients with renal disease and diabetes. Concentrations may be decreased in patients with hepatotoxicity, hepatitis, and cirrhosis.

Reference Range

1.5-6.7 mg/dL

Rejection Due To


Day(s) and Time(s) Performed

Tuesday, Friday

Report Available

4-8 days

Method Name

Fixed Rate Time Nephelometry

CPT Code(s)

86320, 83883