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Test Code SMRNQ SM and SM/RNP Antibodies

Specimen Required

1 mL serum

Specimen Minimum Volume

0.5 mL

Specimen Stability

Room temperature: 4 days Refrigerated: 7 days Frozen: 30 days

Rejection Due To

Gross hemolysis • Grossly lipemic • Grossly icteric

Report Available

Next day

Method Name

Immunoassay (IA)

Collection Container / Tube

Preferred: Gold SST Tube
Other Acceptable Container: None

Transport / Storage Conditions

Room temperature

Reference Values

Sm Antibody  <1.0 AI Negative
Sm/RNP Antibody  <1.0 AI Negative

Day(s) Performed

Mon-Sat a.m.

CPT Codes

86235 (2)

Alias/See Also

Anti-Ribonucleic Protein Antigen
Anti-ENA Antibody
ENA Antibodies
Anti-Smith Antibody,Ribonuclear Protein Antibody
RNP Antibody


Antibodies to Smith antigen (Sm), an acidic nuclear protein, and to ribonucleoprotein (Sm/RNP)