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Test Code TSPTQ T-Spot. TB

Important Note

Samples accepted Monday through Friday only.

Samples must be sent to IL STAT due to short stability and special handling requirements.

Additional Codes

Quest test code: 38702

Specimen Required

Collection Conatiner/Tube
Preferred: Green Lithium Heparin, Whole Blood
Acceptable: Green Sodium Heparin, Whole Blood
Submission Container/Tube: Green Lithium Heparin tube or Green Sodium Heparin tube
Specimen Volume: 9 mL
Collection Instructions: Collect blood by venipuncture and invert (8-10 times) to ensure that the whole blood is mixed thouroughly with the anticoagulant.

Specimen Minimum Volume

9.0 mL

Specimen Stability

Room temperature: 39 hours
Refrigerated: Unaccpetable
Frozen: Unacceptable

Reference Range

See laboratory report.

Rejection Due To

Anticougulant other than lithium  heparin  or sodium  heparin  hemolized: Centtrifuged, Samples  received >39 hours after  collection.  Frozen or refrigerated samples.

Report Available

Next day

Clinical Significance

The T-SPOT test is invitro diagnostics test  for the detection of  effector T cells that respond to stimulation by Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen ESAT-6 and CFP 10 by capturing  inferon gamma (IFN-Y) in the vicinity of T cells in human whole blood collected in lithium heparin. Itis intended for use as an aid in the  diagnosisi of M Tuberculosis  infection. The T-Spot  TB  test is an  indirected  test for  test for M.  tuberculosis infection  ( including disease ) and  is intended for use in conjuntion with risk assesment, radiography and other medical and siagnostic.

Day(s) Performed

Sunday - Saturday